• “Bill Sali is knowledgeable” with “an uncanny ability to find commonsense solutions to complex problems.”
    — John Boehner, US House Republican Leader
  • “Bill Sali is a man of principle willing to work hard and tackle tough issues.”
    — Tom Luna Idaho Public Schools Superintendent
  • “Bill Sali’s Record in Congress is a testament to his leadership & effectiveness as a member of Congress.”
    — Roy Blunt US House Republican Whip
  • “Bill Sali’s Record in Congress is the stuff of real leadership.”
    — Ron Crane State Treasurer
  • “Bill Sali has quickly and capably established himself as one of the strongest warriors in the fight to shrink the size of the federal government, reduce taxes, secure our borders, strengthen our military and reform the way Congress does business.”
    — US Senator Mike Crapo
  • “Congressman Sali has proven himself to be an effective champion of smaller government and lower taxes. Today, he also demonstrated that he can get Republicans and Democrats working together to put some basic common sense back into the federal government.”
    — House Republican Leader John Boehner